Long Lane JFC
Long Lane JFC

Gym & Fitness Centre

The gym features a range of equipment including treadmills, bikes, rower, kettle bells, free-weights and machines as well as small weights, stretching area and punch bag. It is open to the public to use as well as for club players and their parents.

The gym is open for anyone to use (over 16's), public and club members. You can pay as you go or get yourself a great deal on a monthly membership for unlimited use. We don't have any joining fees or minimum term for membership so it's great opportunity to see if the gym is right for you.

The quiet friendly atmosphere is great for everyone, young or old, footballer or office worker, mums, dads and everyone in between!

Fitness Centre Membership

Gym Membership Club Member Club Player
£17 / month £15 / month £10 / month

You can set-up your monthly membership by following the link below to GoCardless and contacting us by phone (020 8856 1051) or email (info@longlanejfc.co.uk) to arrange an introduction and collect your keyfob for entry to the gym.

Membership: pay.gocardless.com